Industrial Services

Processing and cleansing of plastics
Separation of granulates with light fractions via wind separator, e.g. removal of spun glass
Sifting of plastics in various grain sizes via mechanical sieve, e.g. granulate, mixed chipping, agglomerate
Homogenisation and mixing of plastic granulates via mixing silo

Packaging / Repackaging / Labelling
Repackaging of all conventional transport packaging into sackware, octabins, BigBags and sample boxes
Neutralisation of original goods
Packaging of private label goods
Ensilage of all aforementioned packaging
Shrinking, labelling and weather-suitable packaging

Storage / Shipping
Loading, unloading and storage of plastics in all conventional transport packaging
Set-up of sample storage including express shipping to international customers
Stocking and stock removal (turnover) of plastics in interior and exterior storage and silo storage

Complete logistics solutions
Complete solutions for storage spaces
Complete solutions for sample shipping
Outsourcing of storage services

Of course, we are certified according to internationals standards:
Quality management DIN EN ISO 9001
Environmental management DIN EN ISO 14001

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